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The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct - a Highlight on a Narrowboat Trip with FloatingDreams.co.uk

07/03/2017 - Super User

A narrowboat holiday with FloatingDreams.co.uk is special wherever you go, but one of the highlights has to be a trip across the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. Set high in the sky, this narrow trench of water makes you feel like our narrowboat has grown wings. What makes it so special?

When you talk about canals, especially canals in Wales, it's hard not to talk about the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. Completed in 1805, it is one of the first major engineering tasks, (and one of the finest examples) undertaken by Thomas Telford. He was supervised by the more experienced William Jessop and it took 10 years to design and build. The cost, then, was £47000, equivalent to £3.5m in todays money.

It is 307 m long, 3.7 m wide and 1.60 m deep. It consists of a cast iron trough supported 126 ft (38 m) above the River Dee on iron arched ribs carried on eighteen hollow masonry piers (pillars). Each of the nineteen spans is 53 ft (16 m) wide.

The aqueduct is a World Heritage Site and is visited by thousands each year. Many choose to come back time and time again to experience the sheer wonder of this magnificent engineering accomplishment. You won't be disappointed either...

You can see a fascinating animated video which shows how the aqueduct was likely to have been built here

When you start your narrowboat holiday from Nantwich, you trip will start building and preparing you for your 'flight across the valley, as you pass over the Chirk Aqueduct. There are other fun challenges along the way, including locks, tunnels and lift bridges, but as you get near to the famous Pontcysyllte Aqueduct you will be able to see it through the trees.

We won't spoil the experience for you. The more nervous traveller can choose to stay inside the boat and will still get to experience the extraordinary views across the valley. Or, you could walk alongside the narrowboat on the pathway. The skipper of the boat will need to stay at the helm though, so will need a head for heights.

So...there will never be a better time than this to book your narrowboat holiday with FloatingDreams.co.uk. Visit our booking page and choose your dates. When you book you'll be enjoying a 20% discount so act fast. We can't keep prices this low forever....

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