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Nature - What Can We See

15/05/2019 - Floating Dreams

One of the wonderful aspects of a canalboat holiday with FloatingDreams.co.uk is the fantastic diversity of nature that you will see as you travel along. Asyou pass through towns and villages and through miles of unspoilt, peaceful countryside, plants and animals can be seen in their natural habitats, just going about their daily business. Sometimes they will come to interact with you, from ducks coming for a bit of brekkie...(not toast or bread though..), to herons flying around you as you pass to retake fishing positions once you've passed.

The Canals & Rivers Trust have produced a great booklet describing what you can see along your travels. Click here to download it and hopefully it will inspire you to want to take a wonderful narrowboat holiday with us. For many it will be a truely unique experience, one that you will want to experience again and again.

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