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Wildlife to see from our FloatingDreams narrowboat

02/04/2017 - Super User

Most people ask about the Kingfisher, so we've put together a few facts to help you find this fast flying fisher... We are often asked at FloatingDreams.co.uk which forms of wildlife can be seen whilst travelling along the canals. One of the favourite and keenly sought is the Kingfisher. The 'King of Fishers' is often seen first as a flash of vivid blue, but because it is such a tiny bird it can be a challenge to spot.

There are more than 80 species of Kingfisher around the world but we only have one native species here in the UK. Whilst better weather down south makes for healthy populations, they can be rare up north so seeing one is an exciting experience. They are a fierce defender of their territories and they move like lightening.

They have bright blue backs heads and tails, orange underparts and a lovely white bib. The female can be destinguished by orange markings on the lower part of their long bills. They can live as long as 17 years although the average is around 7 years.

They sit patiently for hours watching the water, before diving like a flash into the water, eyes closed and beak at the ready to catch the fish and head back to its perch. The spectacle, if you are lucky enough, is a real treat.

Watch out for the courtship ritual in Spring which consists of the male presenting the female with a fish offering...and he will attempt to feed it to her. If she doesn't take it, he'll just munch it up himself. (Greedy thing)..

The female will lay between 5 - 7 eggs and the couple will share the incubation duties until the eggs hatch in around 20 days. The parents will then fish in deep pools where they can find smaller fish. The brood will demand upto 100 fish per day so they will be busy.

We would love for our hirers to see the Kingfisher whilst on their cruse and we'd love to see any pictures that a keen spotter might be able to capture.

More wildlife facts soon.

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